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Techflow Connect

Simplify. Automate. Accelerate.

The ultimate solution for accountants to automate their client onboarding journeys. 

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How it works
Our Mission

Simplify, Automate, Accelerate.  We automate all of your administrative efforts so you can focus on growing your business and make more money.

Techflow Connect was built by accountants for accountants. We understand that client onboarding can be a real drain on resources. That’s why we created a streamlined solution that connects all of your most valued softwares to remove manual data entry, administrative headaches and wasted time.

Our Story
Our Technology

We integrate proven, best practice softwares that you’re currently using to create the most reliable and efficient client onboarding journey.

Who are we

Capture your prospects data

Our system integrates best practice software packages to automatically schedule meetings, gather information and add contacts into your accounting ecosystem without you lifting a finger.


After a client accepts your proposal, our automated system takes over. It requests any information needed from the client, sets them up on your designated software platforms and handles professional clearance requests automatically.


Efficiently streamline your data flow by automating information transfer to essential tools, ensuring optimal productivity and customer relationship management.

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With automated setup in place, tasks become effortless since all components are readily available, enabling you to provide exceptional client service.

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